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Services We Offer

Whether you are just moving into your space or have lived there your entire life, Second Chance Accessibility Plus is pleased you have chosen us to help you make your house a home you will cherish for several more years to come. We offer several services to make your home safe, secure, and comfortable for you and your loved ones. 


Most of our decks are done with cedar wood; however, if you would like something different, we are happy to go with your wishes. Our work is guaranteed. Whatever you wish, we only use the best materials and do the job right the first time.


We take the time to ensure we meet ADA requirement in measurements in the angle of the ramp, ensure the safety of the incline, and make sure the individual using the ramp feels safe and secure before we leave the site and call it complete. Satisfactory guaranteed. 


From Drywall to Paneling.

$75 per sheet of drywall.


We have built two set of stairs: the first was your average 6 wood steps from the porch to the ground. The second was a bit more challenging...metal stairs like the ones at ski resorts. 


This is one of our most requested jobs. We have done several fence jobs. Steven enjoys these jobs because he gets to be creative. The average charge for a fence is $1200 - $4500, depending on the size.

General Handyman Repairs

These jobs range from a customer calling to have Steven come light a fireplace simply because he doesn't want to mess with it to hanging a light fixture on a 8 ft. ceiling while standing on a ladder. 

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